How Canadian immigration is helping H-1B / OPT tech workers – Live session


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Don’t lose your tech job due to U.S. immigration issues

Tens of thousands of foreign-born, skilled tech workers are told to leave the U.S. every year because of visa issues and an unfair lottery system. The U.S. immigration system has failed these hard-working people who have done everything right.

The good news is, Canada welcomes highly-skilled tech workers.  

Utilizing Canada’s exceptional immigration program, Global Talent Stream, qualified foreign-born tech workers can easily relocate to Canada.  There are two pathways for those who are currently in the U.S.:

With the support of your current U.S. employer, you can relocate to Canada to work for them remotely.

If your American employer will not support your relocation, you can get matched with a Canadian company that is eager to have talented employees join their team and will support your move.

Hear from Syndesus and Path to Canada CEO, Marc Pavlopoulos and Canadian Immigration Lawyer Daniel Mandelbaum who clearly outline each option and explain how the process works, the costs, and how to get started.

Live Info Session: How Canadian immigration is helping H-1B/OPT tech workers (July 27, 2021)

In this Information Session you will learn:

  • Why Canada and the benefits of Canadian work visas, including the opportunity of faster permanent residency and the ability for your spouse to work
  • A detailed explanation of the two pathways for relocation of H-1B/OPT tech workers including the costs and how to find out if you qualify
  • The details on Global Talent Stream and the immigration process
  • An outline of what qualifications you will need
  • Success stories, we’ll share examples of foreign-born tech workers we have helped relocate from the U.S. to Canada


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